NanoImmunoTherapies Group

Dr. Cristina Fornaguera


Crossing biological barriers

Formulate nano and microscarriers able to selectively interact with mucoses, epithelial and immune resident cells, to achieve the non-invasive delivery (i.e. inhaled administration).

Extracellular Vesicles

Engineering and loading of extracellular vesicles to further use them as natural carrier systems of nucleic acids.

mRNA vaccines

Design of prophylactic or therapeutic mRNA vaccines for pharmaceutical and veterinary uses.

Cancer combined immunotherapies

Use of the engineered nanotools, encapsulating different therapeutic nucleic acids, to become the next generation of cancer nanomedicines.

Polymeric nanoparticles

Synthesis of proprietary polymers as biomaterials to formulate polymeric nanoparticles for the controlled delivery of drugs and biologicals with capacity to cross biological barriers.

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